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As a connoisseur ...

to connoisseur!


Do you know that...

Coffee, it is said, was discovered in Yemen by a shepherd intrigued by the fact that his goats, after eating some fruits of an unknown plant, could not sleep.

Tips to make home coffee better and tastier

Together with the coffee beans, grind an almond.

Add a grain of salt to the water of the coffee maker.

Always try to use good quality water or, better still, prefer natural mineral water.

Nursery rhyme on the Tortorici Caffé

Doctor Bertoldo Ciucca

which has a lot of salt in its gourd,

was that famous inventor

of the steam engine

with which, until now,

the espresso coffee is prepared.

A thousand and a thousand gourmets

they would never come back

to resume the coffee

as in the time of Noah,

certainly done badly

with the ancient coffee pot.

If Giucca was still alive

Oh! he would indeed be happy

in seeing the big car

which was his first invention!

Inside Bars and Restaurants

in the most important venues

now you notice at first sight

big car and counter driver.

Which they prepare without rest

the delicious drink.

An old maid

resolute is a little severe,

he says to his master one day:

but do you want to make a comparison?

Do not delude yourself, my lord

than coffee with a good flavor

prepares it instantly

only the puffing machine!

An old saucepan is enough

to prepare a coffee;

but the secret knows what it is

the coffee blend.

The mixture? tell the truth!

Now a great thought comes to me,

you are right the truth you say;


He runs to that guy soon

to buy a good quintal!

Now I feel comforted

Tortorici be praised !!!

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