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Our history

80 Years of Precious Coffee

In 1928 , in a Catania that vibrated with culture, art and commerce, Giovanni Tortorici approached and discovered the world of coffee, giving life to a company that today, for more than 90 years since its foundation, combines with a modern management the traditional selection criteria and attention to quality standards that have made and make Tortorici Caffé a coffee for connoisseurs.


During the war it was difficult to be able to counter the continuous requisitions, but with the tenacity that distinguished him and the support of his three children he began to acquire customers even outside the city of Catania.

The postwar period was the real beginning of the company with the export of the precious coffee not only in Sicily but also in Calabria and Campania.



The company grew and the need to find new premises grew by transferring production to larger premises, and acquiring markets at a national level , maintaining, despite three generations having passed, the original blends and the historical roasting criteria.

Innovation for us means development , research and creativity . Use and investment of ideas useful for the realization of our goal: global coffee culture . The espresso obtained with the fresh roasted Tortorici Caffé becomes intense in Aroma and rich in Character to have the pleasure of waking up to its Intense Scent and enjoying it at breakfast and at any time of day.

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