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The Tortorici Caffé blends come from the founder Giovanni Tortorici who, with experience, has combined the fragrances of Brazilian coffees with the determination of African coffees, managing to create the blends that still in the third generation are made with the skilful slow combustion roasting at a constant temperature of 200-220 ° C to give the essential oils of the coffee the possibility to manifest themselves on the palate of the customers, keeping the toasted product in the decantation silos for about 15 days in order to complete the definitive maturation of the roasting of the beans. coffee.

The types of coffee used are from Central America for Arabica (Santos, Colombia, Nicaragua etc.) and from Central Africa (Cameroun, Ivory Coast etc.) and from the East (Vietnam, India etc.) for Robusta . Tortorici Caffé comes from the selection and blend of the best and most famous qualities in the world.

The different blends with different percentages between Arabica and Robusta identify the tastes of the customers, giving greater emphasis to the sweetness or body of the product.

Our Blends :

Super-miscela: - dense and refined -
Miscela Bar: - full-bodied and dense -
Miscela Extra-fine:  - strong and vigorous -

You can taste our Blends and savor their intense and refined taste at the bars provided by Tortorici caffé and at the sales point located in delle Provincie 223 in Catania.

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